This is my dog, Minnow, she is not supposed to be on the couch, but she does it anyway. She has always enjoyed having a nice pillow.

Hello and welcome to my Education Electronic Portfolio. This is written for my Educational Foundations 3200 (Winter 2021) class and my name is William Bennett.

This is me standing in front of my new (to me) car. One of the things that I do a lot of is drive because I live a bit far away from amenities.

At this point in time this website is solely for the course, but when I begin to ‘job shop’ I will be adapting it as an asset towards getting hired. Right now, though, it is a reflection of my current learning from the past two semesters and a portfolio of where I am currently now at in my education.

You can navigate the website from the side menu. The first drop-down option is mostly about myself as it relates to my education, the second drop-down menu relates to my education and coursework, and the third drop-down menu is about Indigenous content as it relates to my coursework and teaching pedology. There are links to Social Justice, the British Columbia Curriculum, and the Professional Standards as stand-alone pieces.

Thank you again for reviewing my content.

Mahsi cho’!

William Bennett

These two tabbies are Sam and Ella (jokingly referred to as Sam and Ellie, which will make more sense if you say that out loud). They live outside at my mom’s because they’re almost feral, being rescued harbor cats.
This cat is our third cat. She is a bit older than Sam and Ellie and she is likely their auntie or half-sibling. They all do care for each other, but the other two cats are much more comfortable being in direct contact with each other.